Protecting the Right to Housing in England: A Context of Crisis on 28th April 2015

Photo of Protecting the Right to Housing in England: A Context of Crisis

Just Fair is pleased to publish the third report in a series of reports that will form the basis of the Just Fair Consortium’s Parallel Report to the UN Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights.

England is experiencing a housing crisis. Exceptionally high numbers of people are homeless, or vulnerable to homelessness. The current housing environment is characterised by profound issues of lack of supply, high and further increasing housing costs, lack of security of tenure, and homes of such poor quality that they are unfit for habitation. These issues plague all of England’s main housing tenure types: the owner occupied, the private rental, and the social housing sector. Housing insecurity affects not only people on low incomes, but broad swathes of the English population, who currently live in situations of insecurity and uncertainty.

In this context of crisis, the government is failing to meet its obligations to ensure the right to housing of its population, so that everyone can enjoy a standard of living in homes that are adequate, safe, and secure.

The report focuses in particular on homelessness and conditions in the private rented sector. We are delighted that Dr. Jessie Hohmann, who is a leading academic on the human right to housing, has authored the report in conjunction with those Consortium members with a particular interest in this field.

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